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New Highly Corrosion-resistant Material: Vinyl Ester Resin

Jun 28, 2020

Company News: Vinyl ester resin is used as a highly corrosion-resistant new material for demisters and electrolytic cells. The main varieties are: CH-2 and CH-5, all of which Acrylic epoxy type structure; T-158, with methacrylic novolac epoxy type structure. Among them: CH-2 resin has excellent comprehensive performance, high corrosion resistance, and alkali resistance is more prominent; CH-5 resin has good toughness, anti-leakage and sealing, and the use temperature can reach 100 ℃; T-158 resin has high resistance The temperature is up to 120 ℃ in the wet state and 150 ℃ in the dry state; T-158 resin has excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to some solvents and oxidizing media. It has the following characteristics: making corrosion-resistant integral resin floor, light, high-strength, seamless, low shrinkage; used for corrosion-resistant block floor, equipment lining masonry, hook (irrigation) joint mortar, cement paste Splices; acid, alkali, salt and some oxidizing media; high mechanical strength, can withstand greater impact; excellent impermeability, wear resistance, easy to clean, and decorative effects; compared with the block material, light weight , Can reduce the structure to bear the load, the overall cost is low