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New International Research And Development: New High Modulus Carbon Fiber Products And Thermoplastic Molding Technology

May 26, 2020

Toray Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Nisshinaki, hereinafter referred to as "Toray") has created a new high-elasticity carbon fiber that can be widely used in the industry and is most suitable for use. Resin particles for injection molding of the carbon fiber. By using these particles, it is possible to efficiently manufacture complex-shaped and high-rigidity components while being lightweight, and contribute to the lightweighting of materials indispensable for reducing environmental load. In the future, we will promote research and technology development with the goal of commercialization within 3 years.

Toray has so far sold high-strength carbon fiber TRUKA? T series mainly used for industrial applications and aerospace applications such as pressure vessels, automobiles, and launched the world's highest strength carbon fiber "T 1100 G" in 2014 (※ Strength: 7GPA, elastic modulus : 320GPa).

In 2018, the carbon fiber "M 40 X" (※ strength: 5.7GPa, elastic modulus: 377GPa) with high elastic modulus and high strength coexisting with the latest nanotechnology will be launched. The active possibility of carbon fiber has been expanded to high-end sports Supplies and construction materials in the aerospace and space fields. However, high-elasticity carbon fibers have a diameter of about 5 microns, and fine productivity is restricted, so there is a problem in terms of cost.

This time, by further developing the nano-scale structure control technology suitable for TRUKA? MX series, uniformly controlling the internal structure of a fiber with a diameter of 7 microns, the high elasticity has improved the cost performance of 390GPa, making the industrial TRUKA? T series standard elastic mold The amount of 230GPa increased by about 70%, and successfully developed the carbon fiber of the sex ratio.

Compared with the conventional high elastic modulus type, TRICKA ™ resin particles for injection molding using this carbon fiber have the effect of extending the carbon fiber after molding, so the elastic modulus is 41GPa (specific gravity 1.4), and the elastic modulus is lighter The amount of magnesium alloy is equivalent (※ elastic modulus: 45GPa, specific gravity 1.8) and can achieve light weight. Therefore, by using this new TRUKA? Pettlet, lightweight and complex shaped parts can be obtained by injection molding, which is expected to make a great contribution to the weight reduction of molded parts. In the future, in order to cope with the next generation of mobility, the weight reduction of car bodies will become more and more important, and automotive parts and general industrial applications will be widely used for industrial purposes.

Toray stated in "Toray Group SATES VISION" that in order to balance the "development" and "sustainability" facing the world, it will take its mission to provide essential solutions by providing innovative technologies and cutting-edge materials. This new carbon fiber is a specific material that reduces the weight of Toray Group's "environmentally balanced emissions and absorption of greenhouse gases on a global scale" into energy saving.

In the future, Toray will also strive to embody the corporate philosophy through the further performance improvement and processability improvement of carbon fiber Treca and Treca particles, "We will contribute to society by creating new value."

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