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New Luminous Paint Emerges

Jun 02, 2020

With the development of science and technology, the variety of new coatings has increased, and there have been new breakthroughs in its quality, function, and environmental protection. It can be said that it has benefited from all walks of life in our lives. The new luminous paints have emerged at the forefront and have been loved by consumers.

 Luminous paints are made of luminous pigments, resins, organic solvents (or water to make water-based luminous paints), and auxiliary agents in a certain proportion through special processing techniques. The luminescent pigment is an extremely important component, and the light storage type luminescent material may be an alkaline earth aluminate system, a silicate system or a zinc sulfide system.

 The luminous paint may be a fluorescent paint, a self-luminous paint, a light-storage type luminescence, or the like. Fluorescent paint is a paint that emits light when irradiated with ultraviolet light. Its characteristic is that it emits light when it is irradiated with ultraviolet light, and it is completely matte when it is stopped. The self-luminous paint not only adds materials for the light-storing paint, but also uses a substance that can emit radiation energy and emit light. It is characterized by different types and amounts of trace radioactive substances added, and the afterglow of luminescence is also different. The use of radioactive substances harmful to humans is restricted. The light-storage luminous paint can absorb sunlight or electric light, and can emit light after the light-storage. It is characterized by countless repeatability of absorption-luminescence-absorption-luminescence. The luminous color and luminous time vary with time and the type of phosphor used. People often say "luminous paint" usually includes light-storage type luminous paint and self-luminous paint.