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New Textile Materials May Be Made Into Remote Control Electrical Wearable Equipment

Aug 31, 2019

Us researchers have developed a new textile material that allows the wearer to remotely control light switches, music players and other devices by touching them with their fingers.

According to India's Asia news international news agency on June 13, purdue university researchers made the new material by using superhydrophobic material friction nano-generation technology (rf-tengs).

The researchers say the material makes a garment like a wearable remote control. The wearer can touch the clothing to remotely control different electrical appliances.

the purdue website posted several images illustrating the possible use of the material, sewing two long strips of the sticky-like material onto the collar of a T-shirt. Touching one of the strips in a light color played music, pausing the darker part, and adjusting the volume in a darker one.

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Researcher Ramsey martinez said: 'for the first time, this technology allows existing fabrics or textiles to be transformed into self-powered e textiles containing sensors, music players or simple lighting fixtures, using simple embroidery without relying on expensive equipment or complex steps to process textile materials.'

In a report published in the us journal advanced functional materials, the researchers said the new material is rainproof, odor-proof and germ-proof and can be washed with ordinary washing machines. The office of the perdue technology commercialization research foundation has filed a patent and is looking for partners to test the new technology for commercial use.