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NEWSOLARTechnologyGROUP Obtained UL Double Walled Oil Tank Resin Certification

Aug 23, 2019

In order to improve the anti-corrosion and anti-leakage performance of underground storage tanks and protect the environment and underground water sources, the state council issued the notice of the state council on the issuance of water pollution prevention and control action plan in 2015, requiring all underground oil tanks in domestic gas stations to be upgraded to double-walled tanks by the end of 2017

gas stations

Underground storage tanks of gas stations must meet the requirements of surface corrosion protection for use in petroleum products, ethanol and ethanol gasoline. The resin for the double-wall tank is required to be solvent resistant, oil resistant and corrosion resistant. It must pass 6 UL test requirements, including professional thermal aging, solvent immersion, light and water exposure, low temperature impact, corrosion evaluation and penetration/dissolution precipitation test.

The replacement of double-wall tank was initiated in China as early as 2015. Currently there are about 600,000 tanks, and it is required to gradually complete the replacement. The market demand is about 300,000 tons of certified double-wall tank resin.

Sinopec, which has the largest number of gas stations, has entered into a strategic partnership with UL (underwriters testing institute) and has 56 certified professional canning plants. Among them:

Resin for F/F double wall tank must be ul-1316 certified;

Resin for S/F double wall tank must be ul-1746 certified.

The resin technology department, the second business department and the quality control department cooperated closely, prepared and arranged various experiments and made samples according to the requirements, and sent them to UL laboratory for testing. The 14-month test was completed according to the requirements, and the samples passed the test.

On August 16, 2019, UL issued the certificate and formally notified us:

2948 resin series, ul-1746 certification and obtained the certificate;

9402 resin series, ul-1316 certified and certified.

9402 UL certificate9402 UL certificate 2

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