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Notice About The Polyster Resins

Release Time: Apr 16, 2018
About the establishment of the "limited standard of toxic and harmful substances in unsaturated polyester resins" group standard working Groups notice units 2017 China resin supply and Marketing Association unsaturated resin branch in the whole industry to launch the "China's unsaturated polyester resin industry to prohibit the addition of the chemical reaction of the toxic solvents of the Convention" self-discipline; This activity has received the enthusiastic response of the whole industry, has achieved the extremely effect, has aroused the widespread attention of the traveling industry. After several months of operation, the drug Convention has yielded substantial benefits but has also found serious problems. As the Convention on Drug control is a contractual undertaking of a contracted enterprise to a visiting user, it forms the contract element between the contracted enterprise and the downstream user, and the promise only has legal effect when the downstream user raises the objection. Therefore, to date, there is still a contracted resin production and marketing enterprises are still adding the Convention prohibited toxic harmful agents, the implementation of the Convention has a very bad impact, but also to the credibility of the industry has caused great damage. In order to turn this passive regulation into active regulation, it is necessary to increase the drug convention from the moral constraint level to the legal binding level, so decided by the Chinese synthetic resin for the association unsaturated Resin branch to lead the development of "unsaturated polyester resin toxic harmful substances Limit Standards" group standards, The standard is the legal basis for monitoring and supervising the poisonous and harmful substances in unsaturated polyester trees by the National Quality Supervision Department. After the establishment of the standard, the Division will actively promote the state-related law enforcement departments, key areas and key enterprises of unsaturated poly resin products for testing and supervision. The specific work as follows 1, the establishment of unsaturated polyester resin production enterprises as the main body of the group standard work 2. The team member must be the unsaturated resin of China synthetic resin supply and Marketing Association. Member units, the Working Group member unit limit of 15, each unit can send 2 personnel to participate. Each member unit in advance RMB 10,000 yuan as the work funds, the main use for the meeting during the various expenses (conference room rent, meal, expert $ association personnel travel, etc.) and to the national units into the standard reporting costs (travel staff and their ' related costs). The Working Group meeting period ', does not send the souvenir, does not organize, swims. The work of the Fund to take more than a few complementary principle, in the Working Group work Knot, before, by the association issued a list of income and expenditure, the balance after deducting taxes on average returned to the member units, has been spending part, by the association entrusted units often fulcrum Wisdom Automation technology Co. Each member unit undertakes the related test expense I travel the enterprise personnel. Remittance information User name Changzhou Fulcrum Wisdom Automation Technology Co., Ltd account opening bank Changzhou new North Branch accounts 519903121010902 3, work plan arrangement 1. Enterprises volunteering to participate in this standard working group, as from April 2, 2018, have registered with the Association Secretariat, Zhu Rui (13337880089), the deadline for the application of the Working Group: April 20, 2018 (in the order of registration to decide eligibility). 2 The Working Group's first work session: Mid-May 2018. 3. Working Group II (if required): Before the end of July 2018. 4 Reporting experts review: Before the end of August 2018. This standard process, accept the China synthetic resin supply and Marketing Association Group Standards Committee Technical guidance.Back