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On Artificial Granite

Jun 23, 2020

Man-made granite is also known as engineering stone. At present, the popular granite is synthesized by crushing two or more natural marbles with resin and pigment, and then using vacuum oscillation pressure synthesis Technology, cast into wool (square material) and then cut, set thickness, grinding and polishing. In the synthesis process, the amount of resin used is about 600kg at a time. If you use a general-purpose resin, the square material will crack. The cost of one piece of material is about 12,000, and the general Gangshi factory can produce about 22 pieces of material every day. Our Foton Luye resin from Kebao Company has the low viscosity and high strength granite resin in this photo.

        The production process of artificial quartz stone is similar to that of artificial granite. The difference is that the filler used is highly wear-resistant quartz sand and quartz powder, and its filler content is also up to about 90%. The anti-scratch performance of Mohs hardness up to 7, its anti-fouling, water resistance, fire resistance and other properties determine that it is a development direction of artificial stone plate. In recent years, the number of artificial quartz stone lines launched in China has skyrocketed. There are more than ten companies that use vacuum casting to produce quartz stone, but the equipment varies greatly, the quality is different, and some finished products have more bubbles and the hardness is higher. However, it is easily deformed as a material for walls and floors. The price of the fine quartz stone production line ranges from 6 million to more than 10 million. It uses vacuum shock pressure and pressure synthesis technology. The curing process uses a medium-temperature oven to cure. The resulting product has low glue content, dense texture and no pores. Relatively high efficiency, the quality is already close to Italian artificial quartz stone.