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One Belt One Road Has Limited Impact On Epoxy Resins

Jun 03, 2020

The “Belt and Road” is a great strategic concept proposed by our country and has become a hot topic among the masses since it was proposed. This year's "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum was held in Beijing, and once again became a hot spot for all industries. So, what opportunities will the “Belt and Road” plan bring to my country's coatings industry? Can it improve the current weak market for epoxy resins?

First, let’s take a look at the content of the “Belt and Road” initiative. The "Belt and Road" must first be solved in transportation and telecommunications industries, as well as supporting industries in the construction field. For the paint industry, the main content of the “Belt and Road” construction is to strengthen policy communication and road connectivity with relevant countries. Infrastructure construction will complement each other, with policy communication and road connectivity as the guide. The first to promote is the hugeness of industrial coatings. Market demand has brought new opportunities for historical development to domestic industrial coating companies. However, most of China's coating industry is dominated by solvent-based coatings. In contrast, water-based coatings can completely eliminate the worry of paint pollution. Due to the strong operability of water-based coatings, today, with increasing emphasis on paint safety and environmental protection indicators, water-based wood Coatings are gradually accepted by the market because of their low hazard and low pollution characteristics. At present, the domestic paint market is fiercely competitive, and we must seek new markets and new economic growth points. In the same way, Tuqi "going out" to find a market is an important way to promote the healthy development of the industry and promote the internationalization of brands. How to grasp the critical moment of the “Belt and Road” initiative and actively explore overseas markets is one of the most important strategic development directions of my country's coatings companies in recent years.

At present, the largest consumer group of epoxy resins in my country is dominated by coatings, accounting for about 39% of the total demand. Solid epoxy resin is the main raw material of powder coatings, which is mainly used in anti-corrosion pipelines and household appliances, etc., and liquid epoxy resin is mainly used in automobile primers, containers and ships. With the continuous pressure from the national environmental inspection, some small powder coating factories were ordered to stop production and rectification due to imperfect sewage facilities. It will not end in a quarter of an hour, so the demand for epoxy resin will continue to remain weak. Taken together, the “One Belt One Road” meeting has a limited direct impact on the resin industry. The rise of the coating industry may drive the consumption of epoxy resins, but it is not obvious in the short term.