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Phenolic Resin Is Also Used In Large Quantities To Impregnate The Epoxy Used For The Bottom Layer Of Decorative Boards

Jun 15, 2020

  Phenols (mainly phenol, resorcinol, cresol) and formaldehyde resin polycondensation reaction resin used in wood processing is mainly thermosetting phenolic resin. Due to different catalysts, the properties of the resins produced are also different. If ammonium hydroxide is used as a catalyst, an alcohol-soluble resin can be prepared, which is mainly used to impregnate sulfate paper as a glue film; if sodium hydroxide is used as a catalyst, it is made into a water-soluble resin; The molecular weight of the resin is also different.

  The reaction temperature and reaction time also have an effect on the properties of the resin. Phenolic resin glue has good boiling water resistance and weather resistance. Its products belong to a class of high water resistance outdoor products, which are used in aircraft, ships, and building components. Mainly used hot pressing (temperature 125 ~ 150 ℃), pressurizing time is longer than urea-formaldehyde resin glue, but by adding resorcinol or hardwood tannin extract or adding some blood powder and improving the manufacturing process and other measures can shorten the pressurizing time.

   If it is polycondensed under alkaline and then polycondensed under acid, a high molecular weight resin can be obtained, which is insoluble in water, and natural resin or polyvinyl alcohol can be added to make it into an emulsion. Phenolic resins are also widely used for impregnating the kraft paper used for the bottom layer of decorative boards. In order to make the impregnated paper tough, generally add cresol or xylenol with phenol and formaldehyde co-condensation. Resorcinol formaldehyde resin glue can be cured at neutral and room temperature, cold-pressed, its boiling water resistance and weather resistance, the bonding process is simple, and it is used for bonding thick wood or board such as bridges, sleepers and outdoor components . After the amino resin and phenolic resin are cured, the adhesive layer shrinks and becomes brittle. Adding extenders or fillers makes the adhesive layer have a certain plasticity, which can improve its aging resistance.

       In order to put new matt solid epoxy resin new products on the market as soon as possible, the business department compiled production technical regulations, operation methods and process cards, established quality inspection standards, and determined the name of the new grade of Baling brand matt epoxy resin series. Ring..[detailed]

       "From the current point of view, the synthetic resin industry is under the combined effects of supply, import and consumption, and the new industrial field is being perfected. Domestic consumption will become the driving force for consumption growth." April 20, at the petrochemical industry transformation and development and futures market forum ,..[detailed]

  Zhanxin (Allnex) recently announced that due to the further increase in raw material costs, it was decided to upgrade the powder coating resin CRYLCOAT&..[detailed] from April 1, 2017 or as the contract permits.

  Under the new economic normal, the market demand is sluggish, and the growth rate of the home building materials industry continues to slow. In 2017, with the implementation of favorable policies such as urbanization and real estate destocking, the need just will be further released, but mergers and acquisitions, cross-border integration and other reshuffle..[detailed]

   In the future, building material products will be rich and colorful, and there will not be any one company. However, with the use of inorganic materials with long setting cycles and strong aging resistance, the application scope of artificial stone will be more extensive. Now more than 90% of the industry is resin type people..[detailed]

      In a statement, the Ministry of Commerce stated that in response to complaints from DAK America and M&G Chemicals, the United States decided to initiate a “double reverse” investigation of PET resin products produced in China, India, and Oman, and PET resin products produced in Canada..[ detailed]

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  The powder coating industry is increasingly adapting to the resin epoxy flooring industry. The resin epoxy floor powder coating industry with excellent performance and environmental protection and green characteristics is adapting to the needs of the application industry by accelerating technological progress, and it has also opened up many new applications..[detailed]

  On August 15, 2013, the Ministry of Finance of India issued an anti-dumping tax announcement on resin or wood fiber board, and decided to levy anti-dumping duties on resin or wood fiber board originating in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. [detailed]

      China Timber Network News May 10th, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry's Anti-Dumping Bureau issued a final ruling on the anti-dumping investigation of resin or wood fiberboard originating in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and other places, and recommended that anti-dumping be imposed on the products involved in the above countries. detailed]