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Polaroid Resin Market Analysis

Jun 23, 2020

Polaroid resin is one of the products produced earlier in China and used in a larger amount. Polaroid resin is mainly designed for processing plates, and can also be used to make jade artifacts. Because the coloring process on it is more convenient, the processed products are bright, bright, high in hardness and antique, so they are very popular among people and have become a marketable product with a broad market in my country. When using Polaroid resin on the board, add a layer of wood grain paper underneath it, and then press the film to cure it to become a bright surface board.This board is a good material for producing furniture. There are many such plate manufacturers in Zhejiang and other regions.

    Neweco has many customers of Polaroid boards all over the country. The Polaroid resin of Kebao Chemical is colorless (light yellow), transparent liquid. The Polaroid board made of it has good gloss, high hardness, good toughness, easy to peel off, no Discoloration, no cracking and other advantages.