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Polyester Concrete

Jul 16, 2020

The polyester concrete referred to in this article is made of polyester resin as a cementing material and blended with various aggregates and powders. This is a new type of high-strength, multi-functional building material, and also a promising non-metallic anti-corrosion material. It has high strength (especially high early strength), good impermeability and impact resistance, and has the advantages of grinding, non-conduction and good chemical stability. Casting stone powder applied to polyester concrete can improve workability and facilitate construction. After hardening, the strength is high and the shrinkage is small, which is more beneficial to improve the construction quality and reduce the cost. Here are two examples of polyester concrete.

Polyester concrete for pickling tank

The polyester resin used for polyester concrete can be 306#, 307#, 198#, 3301# and other brands. The main properties of concrete are as follows:

   Volume weight (kg/m3): 2400~2500;

   Compressive strength (kg/cm2): 850~1000;

   Tensile strength (kg/cm2): 60~80;

   Shrinkage value (mm/m): 0.4~0.6;

   Water absorption rate (%): 0.23;

   Impermeability (kg/cm2): 10;

Chemical stability: It has good chemical stability to 20% concentration of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and aqua regia, etc.; poor alkali resistance.

The general resin dosage is 200 kg/m3. If the shock ramming conditions are better, the resin can be used less. If the shock ramming conditions are poor, the resin dosage is more, but the dosage should not exceed 240 kg/m3, so as not to form After the shrinkage is too large, cracks occur. The glass fiber reinforced polyester concrete has a resin dosage of up to 250 kg/m. 3. The proportion of ingredients is determined by the maximum compact volume method.