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Polyester Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Processing

Jul 16, 2020

Polyester fiberglass molding processing equipment is simple, easy to operate, and various methods. The FRP molding process abroad has developed rapidly. In addition to the traditional hand lay-up method, the winding method, the molding method, and the cold pressing method and injection molding technology developed on this basis have also developed rapidly. Due to the different conditions in various countries, the proportion of various processing methods is also different.

The choice of FRP molding method depends on many factors such as the shape, size, required strength, production quantity, processing capacity, price and mold cost of the product. Each country has its own characteristics in terms of molding methods. The countries still dominated by hand lay-up methods are Japan, Britain, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, etc.; the spray-based methods are the United States and Sweden; the pressurized method is West Germany.

The domestic FRP hand-laying method accounts for about 90%. Because this method is easy to operate, less equipment is used, the molding cost is low, and the design of the product is easy to change, which is suitable for the local method. This year, relevant domestic institutions have conducted a more systematic study on the mechanization and automation of glass fiber reinforced plastics molding, and have made gratifying progress.

Beijing 251 Factory has successfully developed a 2,000-ton/year sheet molding compound (SMC) production unit; Shanghai Yaohua Glass Factory Research Institute has produced a 600-ton/year corrugated tile continuous molding unit, and these new molding methods have been successfully studied It will not only promote the further development of China's fiberglass industry, but also play a huge role in promoting China's polyester industry.