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Precautions For Curing Agent And Accelerator In Use

Jun 05, 2020

(1) The curing agent and accelerator must be used together, that is, No. 1 accelerator for No. 1 curing agent and No. 2 accelerator for No. 2 curing agent.

(2) The curing agent is a strong oxidant, and it must be placed in a dark place where it is not exposed to light, and should not be near a fire. The accelerator should also be kept in a cool place where it is not visible. For the sake of safety, the curing agent is generally used as a paste with the plasticizer, and the accelerator can be used as a diluent with styrene.

(3) The curing agent and accelerator cannot be directly mixed to avoid explosion. It should also be placed separately during storage. Do not add curing agent and accelerator at the same time when mixing glue. You can mix accelerator with resin first, then add curing agent to mix.

(4) The dosage of curing agent and accelerator should be adjusted according to needs (such as product performance, operating temperature and length of service life, etc.). No accelerator may be added in the heat curing formulation. When curing at room temperature, it can be adjusted according to the gel time. In the case of determining the amount of curing agent, change the amount of accelerator to adjust. Generally, the amount of curing agent is 2-4% of the weight of the resin, and the amount of accelerator is 1-2. %