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Precautions For Using Curing Agent

May 28, 2020

When the curing agent is BPO (benzoyl peroxide), the following issues should be noted:

1. The user must wear rubber or plastic gloves to grasp the curing agent to avoid direct skin contact curing agent, especially when the weather is hotter in summer and people are prone to sweat, clean it in time after construction;

2. The curing agent should not be exposed to high temperature or direct sunlight during storage,

It is easy to decompose or burn when the problem exceeds 35 degrees;

3. The original sand, rust and other dirty items should not be kept together with the accelerator during storage;

4. All parts of the equipment that are in contact with the liquid curing agent should be connected with stainless steel pipes and switches. Only 304 or 316 materials can be used for stainless steel; copper pipes and iron pipes cannot be used; glass containers can not be used and are fragile ;

5. After the original packaging is used everywhere, the rest is forbidden to go back to prevent secondary pollution;

6. When using it, it should be cleaned in time for various reasons, such as entering the eyes, at least 15 minutes or more, and go to the clinic for cleaning if necessary;

7. When the liquid curing agent is poured on the road or indoors, first use sand and soil to mix it up during the cleaning, and then recycle and pour it into a special chemical disposal bin. The remaining application cloth or towels should be wiped clean;

8. The curing agent is a flammable and explosive article, and it should not be squeezed or caught in the fire. It should not be stored in a room with personnel.

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