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Problems And Solutions In Resin White Embryo Processing And Production(7)

Jun 24, 2020

Industry News: Common watermark problems in the processing and production of resin white embryos

Water marks are easy to produce in the rainy season and the low temperature season. According to our company's many years of practical experience in producing resin products and various handicraft factories, we will do a little analysis for your reference:

1. The high air humidity causes the air to enter the mold cavity during the curing and shrinking of the resin, which inhibits the curing of the resin on the surface of the product, causing water marks and sticking hands on the surface of the product.

2. The stone powder is damp. The water in the stone powder enters the resin, which has a destructive effect on the resin, which hinders the process of curing and crosslinking the resin molecules, and produces water ripples on the surface of the product. Severely humid stone powder will show delamination and resin after standing for a while after stirring Thickening phenomenon.

3. The quality of curing agent and accelerator is poor. Due to the inexhaustible low-molecular substances, sufficient free radicals cannot be generated in the cross-linking reaction and the unsaturated double bonds of the resin cannot be activated. At the same time, during the curing process, the low-molecular substances are discharged due to heat generation, resulting in water marks.

4. The curing dose is insufficient. The curing of the resin is due to sufficient free radicals and the unsaturated double bond of the resin to cross-link to complete the curing process. Due to the insufficient amount of curing agent, there are few free radicals, and it is impossible to activate unsaturated double bonds in a large amount, resulting in slow or incomplete curing, resulting in water marks and sticky hands.

5 In the production process of resin, a large number of highly absorbent materials are used, which makes the resin easily absorb moisture in the air and fillers, which affects the resin curing process and causes water marks on the surface of the product.

6. When the temperature is low, the resin curing process is slow, which causes the resin to be soft after curing, the product surface has water marks, it is not easy to remove the mold, and it is easy to break.

7. The dampness of the new mold body, the water vapor penetrates through the pores of the silicone rubber, condenses on the surface of the blank body, causing water marks. It is recommended to dry or dry the new mold. In particularly humid weather, it is better to put the mold into the oven at night.

8. If the product requirements are high or the shape is complex, a higher quality resin can be properly selected to overcome or alleviate the watermark defects.

9. In winter with low temperature, the resin can be heated in a hot water bath to keep the resin temperature at 30-40°C. This will improve the curing process of the resin and eliminate defects such as mold removal, softness, water marks, and sticky hands.

10. Water ripples are generated under conditions that are not present in the above situation, and it is necessary to select resins that are not prone to water ripples.

11. The watermark of the product is caused by the poor watermark resistance of silica gel.

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