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Problems And Solutions In Resin White Embryo Processing And Production (6)

Jun 24, 2020

Problems and solutions in resin white embryo processing and production (6)

Industry News: Common layering problems in the processing and production of resin white embryos

After the layered resin is added to the filler and stirred, it is allowed to stand for a period of time. A layer of transparent liquid appears on the surface of the mixing tank, that is, the diluent separates out, which is called layering, and it is also called water. The solution is as follows:

1. The amount of substances that are not well-crosslinked with styrene monomer in resin production causes the resin to be easily delaminated. The resin manufacturer will control it, but sometimes in order to meet the requirements of resin curing, the substance has to be added. Therefore, various types The resins used in crafts are more or less layered.

2. In pursuit of low viscosity, a large amount of diluent such as styrene is added. When the filler is added and stirred, the resin slurry is very easy to delaminate. When the production cost of the white blank allows, try not to use too low viscosity resin, which can be effective Avoid layering problems.

3. The addition of white mineral oil, engine oil and other slurries is one of the important reasons for resin stratification. When low-viscosity resins must be used in production, the amount of oil added should be strictly controlled first, generally the amount of oil added does not exceed the resin Five thousandths of the amount, and add it within 15-20 minutes before the pulp is mixed. After mixing evenly, it will obviously reduce the layering phenomenon.

4. The water in the stone powder will directly lead to resin stratification, and some handicraft factories have encountered this problem in production. The very wet stone powder, after stirring, caused a large amount of styrene to be separated from the resin, and at the same time, bubbles continued to emerge from the stirring tank. At this time, the dry stone powder should be replaced in time. The slurry must be processed in time, otherwise the slurry will be very viscous and cannot be used after a period of time.

5. The slurry is placed for a long time. Before the next production, ask the batcher to stir the slurry again.

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