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Problems And Solutions In Resin White Embryo Processing And Production (4)

Jun 24, 2020

Industry News: Common bending and deformation problems in the processing and production of resin white embryos

 In the production of deformed blanks, pendant products are prone to bending deformation. This problem is caused by the uneven curing of the resin and the uneven internal stress inside the product, which eventually causes the product to deform. There are several ways to overcome this defect;

1. Choose a resin with a lower shrinkage to avoid greater stress, which can cause the product to bend and deform.

2. Appropriately reduce the amount of red and white materials to slow down the curing speed of the resin to reduce the amount of shrinkage. At the same time, on the premise of not damaging the shape and surface of the product, stack the product layers after demolding to reduce the amount of bending deformation.

3. Various brand resins in the market have their own characteristics. It may be possible to mix and use several brand resins to make up for the shortcomings and reduce the deformation of products.

4. For large-volume and demanding products, heat preservation can be used to accelerate post-curing to overcome deformation defects. The specific methods are as follows:

1) Make an incubator. The temperature in the box is below 80℃, and the temperature can be controlled automatically. At the beginning, the temperature in the incubator is 30℃-40℃.

2) Put the dismantled products into the box, layer by layer, close the door with a suitable heavy weight on the top, keep at 40 ℃ for one hour, then slowly raise the temperature and call 60 ℃, keep it for 2 hours, then slowly Raise the temperature to 80°C and keep it warm for 2 hours. After it slowly cools down naturally, take out the product. The above process parameters are reference values. Different products have different sizes of internal stress, so the process parameter values will not be the same. If you want to use it in the blank workshop, you should first test in small batches to find out the process parameters. After that, mass production is conducted to reduce unnecessary losses.

5. If the quality of the product allows, the amount of filler can be increased.

6. Add reinforcing ribs to prevent product deformation.

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