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Problems And Solutions In Resin White Embryo Processing And Production (2)

Jun 24, 2020

Industry news: Oil hole problems occur in the processing and production of resin white embryos.

In the production of white billets, holes appear under the skin of the product. When the holes are punctured, liquid substances will flow out, called oil holes. In addition, under the skin of the product, liquid substances will flow out, called oil holes, and under the skin of the product, there will be The densely packed tiny holes, which also contain liquid substances, are called pinholes. The oil holes and pinholes are produced by the oil in the slurry (to prevent spraying when the slurry is vacuumed) and the diluent. When these characteristics are gathered together, oil holes are generated. And because there is less oil and diluent, pinholes are generated when they are not clustered together. This problem generally occurs in the autumn and winter seasons when the temperature is low. After the slurry is mixed, the slurry has a layering phenomenon. The methods to solve this problem are as follows:

    1. When the production permits, use a resin with higher concentration to reduce the amount of filler added to reduce the layering of the slurry and solve the problem of oil holes and pinholes.

    2. Strictly control the amount of white mineral oil, motor oil and other oils added. Under the condition of not severe spraying, try to add as few oils as possible to eliminate this defect. The amount of oils added is generally below five thousandths, and the more The less the better.

    3. Pay attention to the humidity of fillers such as stone powder, because the moisture will cause the slurry to delaminate, and oil holes and pinholes will appear.

    4. Control the timing of adding oil while controlling the amount of oil added. Generally, the oil is added 15-20 minutes before the production of the collar slurry, and it is used after stirring evenly.

    5. A large number of delaminations appear, and it is generally easy to produce oil hole and pinhole defects. The slurry should be changed to a less demanding product. At the same time, contact the resin production plant and use appropriate methods to solve it