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Problems And Solutions In Resin White Embryo Processing And Production (1)

Jun 24, 2020

Industry news: The phenomenon of stomata appears in the processing and production of resin white embryos.

    In the production of white billets, when slender products with complex structures or small grouting openings are not provided with exhaust holes at corners such as corners with large vacuum resistance, air holes are prone to appear, and the internal cavity of the air holes is clean and some are exposed Some of the surface of the product is exposed after sanding, which increases the work of making up the blank. There are several ways to overcome the stomata problem:

    1. Use dilute resin or reduce the amount of filler added to obtain a thinner slurry, which is convenient for the air in the mold cavity to be drawn out under vacuum to avoid the occurrence of air holes on the surface of the product.

    2. Properly reduce the amount of red and white materials to make the resin initial setting time longer, so that there is enough time to evacuate the air in the mold cavity under vacuum.

    3. Check the vacuum box and the vacuum pump to see if there is a fault, and ensure that the vacuum in the vacuum box can quickly reach -0.1Mpa in order to obtain a good vacuum effect. Some handicraft production plants use vacuum to produce products that are difficult to produce- 0.1Mpa and then -0.07Mpa, and then vacuum to -0.1Mpa also works well.

    4. For the design of the mold, for the products with complex structure or products with a small grouting port, the problem of air holes should be considered. The design of the parting surface and corners should increase the design of the air outlet to obtain a good vacuum effect and reduce the occurrence of air holes. .