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Production Method Of Resin Painting

Jun 04, 2020

Basic knowledge introduction

Resin painting is a three-dimensional painting method invented by Japanese artist Ryusuke Fumori. Resin painting looks particularly realistic. Due to the layer-by-layer painting, it has a more layered feel, as if the fish swimming in the water freezes at that moment. It looks more three-dimensional.


Ryusuke Fukuhori (Riusuke Fukahori), a Japanese art writer, currently lives in Kanagawa, Japan. He is attracting attention for the creation of three-dimensional resin goldfish paintings. He used the method of covering the resin layer by layer and painting the goldfish layer by layer to get familiar with it. Everyone fell in love with this way of painting on glue. Containers are not limited to wooden basins, but other things such as wine pots, bamboo joints, water scoops, and even plates and cups used for eating can be used as painting mediums.

Production process

Tools: writing brush or nylon pen, acrylic paint, crystal glue, container, leveling agent.

Drawing method: Introduce the crystal drop glue into the container, mix the paint to draw, cool the glue, draw, and cool. You can decide the number of layers according to different objects. The more layers, the stronger the three-dimensional sense.

This is a combination of new materials and paintings. Anyone who has a certain painting foundation can make their own. The raw materials can be ordered online. Everyone can try it for themselves. It is very interesting and has a strong modern sense.


Lizhiyuan home resin relief three-dimensional decorative painting market price is 1580 yuan; Quanyue resin relief three-dimensional sofa background wall painting market price is 599 yuan; Yu Yongjiaxi 3D three-dimensional high-end resin decorative painting market price is 768 yuan; European resin The three-dimensional relief decorative painting market price is 248 yuan; the creative 3D three-dimensional resin painting creative home market price is 880 yuan; the fudiao home decoration resin painting three-dimensional relief market price is 1,260 yuan.

The above is a summary of the price and related knowledge of the resin painting introduced to you by the editor today. Because the finished product of the resin painting is vivid in appearance, we consumers prefer to buy it. The above editor will give you To sum up the market price of resin painting, but because the labor force and effort of different works are different, so the price also shows different differences. When you buy resin paintings, you need to understand the price. Only in this way can you avoid changing the money.