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Prospects For The Future Market Of Artificial Stone Plates

Jun 19, 2020

Artificial stone plates are mainly made of artificial stone resins, curing agents, accelerators, aluminum powder and other chemical raw materials, and will occupy an increasingly important position in the market now and in the future. This is mainly due to the advantages of artificial stone itself and the development of modern society.


With the provision of living standards, environmental protection is the life that people are now pursuing. The artificial stone board has very outstanding advantages compared with the ordinary stone board in the past. Choosing artificial slate to decorate the house in home decoration will make the whole house look high-end, atmospheric and upscale.

Artificial stone resin

The advantages of artificial slate:

1. High hardness, not easy to break.

2. Many styles, colors can be adjusted according to your own requirements

3. No smell and no poison.

4. Easy to clean, no oil stain will penetrate into the board

5. Green and environmental protection

The main raw material of artificial stone slab is artificial stone resin. Artificial stone resin mainly includes: 885 resin, 724 resin, 566 resin, 727 resin and so on.