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Pu Glue Is One Of Modern Glues With Excellent Performance

Aug 01, 2020

Pu glue is one of the most excellent glues in modern times. Because of its small molecular structure, it can easily penetrate into some extremely difficult microporous structures. For bonding metal and most polar plastics (such as pu, pvc, pet, pa, etc.), rubber, and fiber, it has strong adhesion, wetting ability and diffusion ability on the surface of the material.

        The types of pu glue can be mainly divided into: solvent type pu glue, two-component type pu glue, water dispersion type pu glue, moisture curing type pu glue, block type pu glue and so on. Pu glue has a wide range of uses, mainly used for plywood, cardboard bonding, shredded plywood bonding, shoe industry, electrostatic flocking, artificial floor laying, carpet backing, film laminate, and column model , Tire cord, structural adhesives, etc.

        In the bonding of some materials, some materials need to be processed before using pu glue to achieve the desired bonding effect. For example: In the bonding of wood, how to use acetone or gasoline to treat the surface of the wood slightly before using pu glue, the bonding strength will be stronger.