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Quality Requirements Of Epoxy Resin Coatings For Food Cans

Jun 03, 2020

The epoxy resin coatings for food cans include various beverage cans, fruit cans, beer cans, meat cans, seafood cans, and food and beverage storage containers. The coating film formed by the epoxy resin coating has application properties such as corrosion resistance, acid (sulfur) resistance, mildew resistance, non-toxicity, cooking resistance, excellent adhesion and flexibility.

The quality requirements for epoxy resin coatings for food cans are as follows:

 1. Conform to sanitary standards, approved by the food hygiene department, with high performance and high safety as the guarantee conditions for epoxy resin coatings for food cans.

2. The coating film formed by epoxy resin coating for food cans has strong anti-media penetration ability and strong shielding ability, effectively waterproofing, acid, oxygen and the penetration of substances in food, while preventing food from being contaminated by the metal surface of cans and keeping the packaging Food has a long-lasting taste.

3. In the process of high temperature or cooking and disinfection, the coating film adheres well without cracking or perforation, and at the same time reduces the volatilization of carbon dioxide generated due to heat treatment.

4. High purity, high stability and special modification of epoxy resin coating components to ensure the application performance of the coating.

5. When the shape of the can changes, the coating film should have sufficient adaptability, and the coating film should not break or fall off.

6. Reduce the amount of organic solvent in epoxy resin coating as much as possible, and should achieve low VOC value.