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Raw Material Cost Analysis Of Epoxy Resin Coated Steel Bars

Aug 10, 2020

Epoxy-coated steel bars are steel bars that have been pre-treated on the steel surface (sand blasting and derusting)-steel heating-electrostatic spraying-water purification cooling-quality inspection in the factory, and a layer of epoxy protective film is sprayed on the steel surface. The surface pretreatment of the steel bar is to send the steel bar into a sealed room for sandblasting and rust removal, and has a certain roughness to ensure the adhesion between the coating and the steel bar. The treated surface must not contain oxide harmful substances, scars, sharp corners, burrs and other surface defects that affect the quality of the coating. The steel bars with qualified surface treatment and dust removal enter the heating device room and are heated by induction heating furnace to make the surface reach a certain temperature. The heated steel bar enters the electrostatic spraying chamber to spray powder epoxy resin. The powder melts on the surface of the steel bar to form a uniform film, which solidifies after a few seconds. After cooling, an inert and excellent anti-corrosion protective layer is formed on the surface of the steel bar. Compared with ordinary steel bars, epoxy resin coated steel bars need to go through the above processes and spray a layer of resin paint with a thickness of about 0.15mm to 0.30mm on the surface of the steel bars, which inevitably increases the cost of raw materials. The current market price per ton of steel indicates that the cost of epoxy-coated steel bars is about twice as high as that of ordinary steel bars.