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Reasons For Not Choosing Low-priced Epoxy Floor Paint

Jul 10, 2020

At present, epoxy resin floor paint is very popular in the market. Because of its beauty, practicality and personality, it is loved by consumers. How much do you know about it? Do you know the reasons for not choosing low-cost floor paint? Next, follow Kangyu's new materials to see below.

For customers, the reasons for their low prices for epoxy resin floor paints are many, perhaps because of their own economic affordability, or the construction party is pursuing high prices at low prices in order to pursue higher profits. Quality products to attract customers, part of which is that Party A considers the cost, and does not pay attention to the cost of use and maintenance costs.

Epoxy resin floor paint

If customers simply want to buy cheap products at low prices and choose non-professional construction personnel to operate, although the cost is greatly saved, the quality of the floor produced by Zui is very worrying.

1. Low-cost epoxy resin floor paint products are not environmentally friendly, release harmful substances, cause pollution to the environment, and cause harm to human bodies.

2. After using the floor paint for a period of time, there will be powder falling, cracking, and no wear resistance. The service life is short, and the cost of refurbishment will be higher.

Epoxy resin

3. When epoxy resin floor paint is put into use, pits, scratches and peeling will occur.

As the saying goes "good goods are not cheap, cheap goods are not good goods", how to choose a cost-effective floor paint material and a company with good construction quality, it is recommended that customers can compare a few more, go to the factory for inspections, on-site tests and inspections, on-site inspections Model projects, etc.