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epoxy resin Table: When Resin Meets Wood, The Table Made Is Amazing

May 18, 2020

Materials needed:

1. Main materials: epoxy resin; wood; oily color paste; surface coating polyester (varnish, polyurethane resin or varnish, etc.).

2. Accessories: tape; pvc board; gloves ;.

3. Equipment: polishing machine; cutting machine; electric drill, etc.


1. Wood treatment

The wood used for the river table must be dry, too high moisture will cause the wood to swell and deform and other problems, if necessary, baking and dehydration. The sparse wood or cracks can be filled with epoxy resin first to avoid the accumulation of tiny bubbles when pouring in a large area.

2. Make pouring board

According to the shape and size of the river table design, first make a simple frame hoarding. For better demolding and smoother, you can use non-stick resin PVC board or stick ordinary transparent tape on the bottom, pay attention to the next four seals, to ensure that epoxy resin is not left out after pouring.


3. Blending of epoxy resin and color paste

Correctly mix epoxy resin glue and curing agent, add oily / semi-permeable color paste (color concentrate) to mix, pour into the container and stir it evenly with a wooden stick or agitator. Leave it at rest for 15 minutes and prepare for pouring. If there are conditions, you can evacuate the bubble, the effect will be better.


4. Resin casting

Slowly pour the prepared epoxy glue into the horizontal mold of the hoarding board, inject the slender and slow resin, and the bubbles will be less. Then use a musket or heated air cylinder to preheat the foam on the surface of the epoxy resin. Wait for the resin to cure, and keep the environment clean during the curing process. Generally, curing at room temperature takes 24 hours, and heating at 60 degrees takes about 3 hours for the epoxy resin to fully cure.


5. Mechanical processing

After the epoxy resin is fully cured and reaches the processing hardness, it can be planed, sawed or machined.


6. Fine polishing

The sandpaper is polished from coarse to fine (sandpaper model 600 mesh-1200 mesh), and the machine is polished and hand thrown. Polishing uses fine sponge wheels or wool wheels with polishing wax for polishing. After polishing, resin coating or wood wax oil can be applied according to actual needs.