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Requirements For Curing Agents For Powder Coatings

Jul 18, 2020

There is no need for curing agent in thermoplastic powder coatings, but in thermosetting powder coatings, curing agent is an indispensable component in the composition of powder coatings. If there is no curing agent, thermosetting powder coatings cannot be crosslinked and cured to form a film with certain physical mechanics. Performance and chemical resistance coating film. The nature of the curing agent is the main influencing factor determining the performance of powder coatings and coating films.

       The curing agent should have a good chemical reaction activity with the resin. It will not chemically react with the resin at room temperature and melt-extrusion mixing temperature conditions, but under the baking and curing conditions, it will quickly crosslink and cure the resin to obtain an appearance flow. Good flatness, good physical and mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

       Considering the manufacturing process and storage stability of powder coatings, the curing agent is solid, not liquid, preferably solid powder or easily crushed solid granules or flakes under normal or room temperature conditions.

       From the perspective of energy saving, the cross-linking and curing reaction temperature of the curing agent and the resin is low, and the reaction time is short, which is conducive to low temperature and short time curing to form a film, which can save energy and improve production efficiency.

       The curing agent has a wide range of raw materials and low price, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications