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Resin Artificial Stone Types And Composition

Jan 22, 2018

Artificial stone according to its purpose of scientific name commonly known as the real face material, which is mainly based on the methyl methacrylate (acrylic) and artificial stone resin (UPR) and other organic polymer materials as the base, with natural ores, particles, etc. Fillers, pigments and other additives to participate, after vacuum casting or molding of polymer composite materials. At the same time people based on its external structure and appearance characteristics, also known as artificial stone. The main data and manufacturing composition are as follows:

Basic composition: artificial stone resin. It is the most important matrix material to make artificial stone. Generally speaking, the performance of artificial stone resin determines the final performance of artificial stone. Artificial stone currently used to make man-made stone resin usually neopentyl glycol type, m-phenylene type, acrylic type, m-phenylene / neopentyl glycol type, o-benzene type, vinyl ester type and other organic materials.

Filling materials: artificial stone filler mainly include: aluminum hydroxide (also used as a toothpaste in the grinding agent), dicalcium phosphate, inorganic granite powder, heavy calcium carbonate, natural marble powder, color plate particles. Its main functions are: First, fill the volume; Second, to strengthen the artificial stone stone texture; Third, to strengthen the mechanical properties of artificial stone; Fourth, as a flame retardant.

Pigment (color paste): Pigment in the artificial stone in the main role is to assign color, the color of man-made stone rich and colorful, according to the user's indoor environment can be assigned to a variety of common artificial stone products.

Accelerators and Curing Agents: Accelerators and curing agents are indispensable additives for man-made stone consumption and control the time for the gel of the plates to be within a predetermined range.

Other additives: artificial stone resin is a polymer polymerization materials, the right to add some additives to improve its process performance, improve consumption efficiency, improve the performance of artificial stone, and shorten life expectancy.

Man-made stone varieties:

A, polyester artificial stone countertops: artificial stone resin and aluminum hydroxide filler as the main material and natural pigments, commonly known as "standard resin artificial stone." Commonly known as the standard stone (the market price of about 500-900 yuan / m), is also the main low-end artificial stone models.

Main features: Environmental non-toxic, non-radioactive, and has excellent processing and mechanical properties, resistance to oil, no cracking, fire retardant.

B, composite acrylic type: in the ordinary artificial stone resin to add local "methyl methacrylate (MMA) and aluminum hydroxide as the main material and natural pigments to increase the anti-aging properties of real wood and hardness and bending deformation Performance, the first in-line implementation of synthetic artificial stone between the polyester and acrylic artificial stone between the artificial stone (the market price of about 700-1300 yuan / m.) Mid-end high-end products favorite.

Key Features: With higher hardness, better toughness, can be bent processing, and has excellent weather resistance and mechanical properties, in the case of large temperature difference will not produce natural cracking.

C, pure acrylic (PMMA): The main data from methyl methacrylate (MMA) and aluminum hydroxide (ATH) and natural pigments, does not contain any of its artificial stone resin, also known as acrylic artificial stone, the United States DuPont as the representative, there are a few domestic professional companies, but also consumer acrylic man-made stone (the market price is: 1400-5000 yuan / m). High-end products.

As people sought after man-made stone products, the current home improvement building materials market also presents a lot of man-made stone at a price of 200-400 yuan / m, the inferior man-made stone blind pursuit of low-cost market to fight, the use of ordinary artificial stone resin resin , The filler abandoned the use of aluminum hydroxide instead of calcium carbonate, resulting in easy aging, poor flame retardancy, and contains harmful heavy metal pigments, a trace of radioactive elements, the plate is easy to breed bacteria in the pores, is not conducive to people's lives Well-being, originally known as artificial stone carbonate.

Good quality artificial stone products are still aesthetically pleasing after years of use, and poor products have problems of deformation, discoloration, discoloration, blistering, tarnishing and even cracking in only a few months. Separation of the above introduction of artificial stone of calcium carbonate, the author advocates a vast consumer, buy the whole cabinet should be more than a few hundred dollars per meter, ask the cabinet to provide aluminum hydroxide filler for the artificial stone, if consumers because of all aspects The impact of economic factors, not as good as with ordinary natural stone as a countertop.