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Resin Market-the Raw Material Market Fluctuates, And The Market Price Remains Stable

Jul 23, 2020

Orthophthalic general-purpose resin-30, double ring (DC) hand lay-up resin 30, artificial stone/quartz stone resin-40, pultrusion resin-20, winding structure layer resin-10, winding isophthalic liner resin 10, NPG type molding Resin-30, DPG type molded resin 140. The raw material market fluctuated, the resin cost did not change much, and the market price remained stable.

The market is still in a stalemate in the raging flood this week. The upstream raw materials are still generally high in inventory and severely under pressure, but it is difficult to reduce significantly due to cost pressures. However, due to large-scale floods in the downstream market, the entire Yangtze River Basin and Huai River Basin, and the end market projects have basically stagnated, and next, the Yellow River There is also the possibility of flooding in the basin. In this situation, the UPR market is in a dilemma. However, from the perspective of the potential order volume on the demand side, as long as the infrastructure and real estate market resumes after the flood, demand will grow rapidly, so there is an upward momentum, which needs to be paid attention to by the industry