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Resin Price Index On May 11

May 11, 2020

O-Benzene general-purpose resin 160, double-ring (DC) hand lay resin 100, artificial stone / quartzite resin 180, pultruded resin 190, wound structural layer resin 170, wound m-benzene liner resin 100, NPG type molded resin 120, DPG type molded uffs 160. The prices of raw materials fluctuated and fluctuated, resin prices were adjusted flexibly, and some factories raised 100-200 yuan.

This week, crude oil prices have risen sharply with the news of the resumption of work in European and American countries, which has pushed up the prices of chemical raw materials. However, due to the large oversold phenomenon in the UPR market in April, and the demand in the downstream market has not increased significantly, after entering May, the increase in new orders has dropped significantly, and most factories are still in the process of delivering pre-orders in. At present, the inventory of downstream customers has increased significantly, so the UPR market in May will be significantly weaker than last month. On the other hand, near the convening of the "two sessions", local governments have stepped up efforts to improve safety and environmental protection. The number of manufacturers in downstream industries has significantly increased, and market liquidity has declined significantly. Therefore, whether it is the raw material market or the UPR market, it is unlikely that it will continue to rise.