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Resistance Paint Curing Agent Selection

Jun 03, 2020

Most resistance coatings require the addition of curing agents, which undergo a curing reaction with the aggregates, so that the coatings form a satisfactory insulating protective film to ensure the performance of electronic components. Therefore, the curing agent is one of the important components of the resistance coating. In coatings using olefin resin as aggregate, appropriate amount of peroxide should be added as initiator; in coatings using silicone resin as aggregate, coupling agent and drying agent should be added. In the coatings of aggregates, amines, amine adducts, anhydrides and derivatives, synthetic resins and latent curing agents should be added.

The curing agent is an indispensable component for crosslinking and curing the aggregate into a coating film. The curing agent in the topcoat should ensure that the coating has a long pot life and can be cured quickly. Therefore, under the premise of satisfying the process conditions, selecting the appropriate curing agent and determining a reasonable curing system is one of the main technical keys of the topcoat formulation design.