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Safety Precautions For Unsaturated Polyester Resin In Workshop

Jul 25, 2020

From the moment the unsaturated polyester resin enters the workshop, it must be taken seriously, because unsatisfactory things may happen if you are not careful. The safety matters that must be paid attention to during the processing of the unsaturated polyester resin in the workshop:

1. Unsaturated polyester resins, curing agents, and accelerators are all flammable materials, so attention must be paid to fire prevention. Part of the accelerator and unsaturated polyester resin must be stored separately, otherwise it will easily cause an explosion.

2. There must be no smoking and no open flames in the production workshop.

3. The production workshop must maintain adequate ventilation. There are two forms of ventilation in the workshop. One is to keep the indoor air circulating in order to remove the volatiles of styrene at any time. Because styrene vapor is denser than air, the concentration of styrene near the ground is also relatively high. Therefore, the air outlet in the workshop is best set close to the ground. The other is to use tools and equipment to locally exhaust the operating area. For example, set up a separate exhaust fan to extract high-concentration styrene vapor from the operating area, or exhaust the flue gas through the main suction pipe set in the workshop.

Unsaturated polyester resin

4. In order to deal with unexpected incidents, the production workshop must have at least two exits.

5. The unsaturated polyester resin and various accelerators stored in the production workshop should not be too much, and it is best to store a small amount.

6. Unused polyester resins that have not been used but have been added with accelerators should be transferred to a safe location for dispersal storage to prevent the accumulation of a large amount of heat by themselves and cause explosion and fire.

7. Once the unsaturated polyester resin leaks, it will cause a fire. In this process, toxic gas will be discharged and endanger human health. Therefore, emergency measures must be taken to deal with it.