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Selection Of Raw Materials For FRP Storage Tanks

Jul 25, 2020

The raw materials used in the manufacture of FRP storage tanks are resin and some glass fibers. This FRP storage tank is composed of an inner lining layer, a winding layer and an outer protective layer. When selecting the raw material of the inner lining layer, in order to prevent the difference in the modulus between the glass fiber and the resin in the inner lining layer from causing structural changes. Therefore, the raw materials should be selected from resins with good toughness, good elongation, high curing and high corrosion resistance; the reinforcing raw materials should be selected with good wettability with the resin, small concentrated strain after curing, and abandon the non-high resin content. Intermittent chopped fiber products.

FRP storage tank

 When selecting materials for the winding layer, it is necessary to select a resin curing system. In this system, the catalyst and the initiator have a suitable ratio that can vary according to the ambient temperature and the size of the tank. In short, their proportion in the resin should be controlled below 4%, and the design of the resin curing system should be based on sample experiments.

     In order to enhance the appearance function of the FRP storage tank in terms of strength and rigidity, we need to wrap a circle of hoop fibers on the outside of the qualified lining. The thickness of the winding layer is based on the internal pressure design and is determined by calculations such as diameter, pressure and safety factor. A computer-controlled winding machine is used for one-time winding.