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Service Life Of Ion Exchange Resin

Jul 20, 2020

The service life of ion exchange resin depends on the chemical stability and mechanical strength of the resin. The chemical stability includes the use range of the resin’s PH value, thermal stability, solubility, oxidation resistance, resistance to organic solvents, and resistance to organic pollution and microorganisms. Invasion and many other aspects.

The service life of ion exchange resin and the range of PH value. The stability of organic ion exchange resin to solution pH is much higher than that of inorganic ion exchange resin, but its stability to alkali is not as high as acid, especially for polycondensation resin It is very unstable to alkali. Commonly used polymerizable resins have better stability but cannot be immersed in alkali solution for a long time.

The service life of the ion exchange resin, the thermal stability of the ion exchange resin, that is, its heat resistance, means that the resin maintains its physical and chemical properties when heated, and the allowable temperature for long-term use of the resin shows the difference in thermal stability of different ion forms. There is a high limit for the temperature that these resins can withstand. If this limit is exceeded, severe thermal decomposition will occur. Therefore, it must be used in strict accordance with the specified parameters for better extension.