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Seven Points For Attention When Using Epoxy Resin Encapsulant

Jul 04, 2020

In fact, epoxy resin filling glue is mainly composed of resin, with some curing agent, how much do you know about it? Do you know what you need to pay attention to when using it? Is it not clear? Next, the epoxy resin curing agent factory will introduce to you in the following, hoping to help everyone.

1. Measure the quantity according to the ratio and weigh accurately. Please remember that the ratio is the weight ratio rather than the volume ratio. After the A and B agents are mixed, they must be stirred well to avoid incomplete curing.

2. The potting process used by the product: manual or automatic potting, room temperature or heating and curing, the time required for sizing after mixing, the gel setting time, complete curing time, etc.

3. Please fill the glue in time after mixing evenly, and try to use the mixed glue within the usable time.

Epoxy resin

4. The glue that should be hard glue is soft after curing. The epoxy resin curing agent factory tells you the reason: the glue ratio is incorrect: if the ratio or deviation is not large according to the weight ratio (the curing agent is more or less) This may be the case in the future), A glue storage time is longer, it is not stirred before use or is not stirred evenly.

5. The requirements for the performance of the potting compound used by the product, such as: use temperature, cold and hot alternating conditions, internal stress of components, outdoor or indoor use, stress status, whether environmental protection is required, flame retardant and thermal conductivity, color Requirements and so on.

6. After pouring, the glue will gradually penetrate into the gaps of the product. If necessary, please perform the second glue pouring.

7. During the curing process, please keep the environment clean to prevent impurities or dust from falling onto the surface of the uncured glue.