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Silicone Mold Production Steps

Jul 01, 2020

 The manufacturing method of silicone mold is relatively simple, and it is almost the same as that of glass fiber reinforced plastics.

        first step

        Parting: There is a small difference between the parting of the silicone mold and the parting of the glass fiber reinforced plastic, because the silicone mold is designed to ensure the smoothness of the side of the mold to facilitate the butt joint of the production. You can't use the insert method, you can only use the mud fence method, and the edge should be repaired very smooth. On the smooth edge, several round or square positioning should be done, that is, the docking with the second mold Positioning mark

        Second step

        Selection of reinforcing materials: In the silicone mold, the selected reinforcing material is medical gauze, which can be cut into pieces of different sizes as needed.

        third step

        Waxing: The waxing of silicone molds is the same as that of glass fiber reinforced plastic molds. Use floor wax, yellow wax, petroleum jelly, etc., and apply it once or twice.

        the fourth step

        The ratio of silica gel and curing agent: the ratio of silica gel and curing agent is about 100: 1.2, and the pouring silicone is about 100: 1.6. The impact on the temperature is not great, but it must be stirred evenly, or there will be no drying sign.

        the fifth step

        Brushing: Apply a layer of stirred silicone to the piece of mold you divide, the range can be determined according to the speed of the gauze behind you

         The sixth step

        Gauze paste: After the silicone brush is finished, paste the previously cut gauze piece by piece. Use an unclean brush to gently apply the gauze to the silicone. There should be about 1 cm between the gauze and the gauze. Butt, after the first layer is dry, brush the silica gel to make the second layer, three layers.... Finally, brush a layer of silicone to cover the gauze to prevent the gauze from sticking to the glass fiber reinforced plastic abrasive tool behind

        Step 7

        Make another layer of glass fiber reinforced plastic mold on the finished silicone mold (making method of pouring silicone gel, cover the seed mold with a layer of 1.5-2 cm mud, then make a plaster mold on the mud, and leave it on the plaster mold For the watering hole, you need to drill some air holes on the plaster mold. The ratio of mud river silica gel is 0.85:1, that is, if the mud you cover is 8.5 kg, you need to pour 10 kg of silica gel)