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Six Characteristics Of Unsaturated Resin

Aug 11, 2020

Unsaturated resin is a kind of thermosetting resin. Due to its low mechanical strength, it can be reinforced with glass fiber to become a composite material, commonly known as "FRP" (abbreviated as FRP), which improves its mechanical strength to meet most requirements. So what are its characteristics?

   1. Lightweight and high strength

  The density is 4-5 times lighter than steel, but the strength is far higher than that of section steel, fir and duralumin. Very suitable for aerospace, aviation, missiles, rockets, transportation, ordnance and other products.

   2. Corrosion resistance

   can withstand most of the sea water, organic solvents, oils, atmosphere, acid-base salts of general concentration, and also resistant to microorganisms, currently widely used in many industries.

  3. Excellent processability

   can be heated and pressurized to cure, and can also be molded at room temperature and pressure; no low molecular by-products are generated during the curing process, and the manufactured products are relatively uniform.

   4. Excellent thermal insulation

  The thermal conductivity is only one-hundredth to one-thousandth of that of metal, with excellent thermal insulation performance.

   5. Good design

  (1) Structural design: Various product structures can be flexibly designed.

   (2) Functional design: Various FRP products with special functions can be made.

   6. Excellent insulation

  Due to good insulation performance, it can still maintain good dielectric performance under high frequency. No electromagnetic interference, good microwave performance and no reflection of radio waves.