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Six Trends In The Future Development Of The Epoxy Resin Industry

Jul 18, 2020

At the epoxy resin industry development forum held a few days ago, attention was paid to the development direction and modification technology of the curing agent of the key supporting industries of epoxy resin, which promoted the coordinated development of the epoxy resin industry and solved the situation of advanced production capacity and insufficient demand in the domestic epoxy resin industry Become the focus of attention of delegates. Participating experts dig deep from the application field of epoxy resin and listed six development directions of curing agents.

One is the functional curing agent: As the development of epoxy resins with new structures and excellent performance has not made much progress, so as to meet the requirements of resin modification, curing agents with special functions will become the darling of the market. Compared with traditional curing agents, functional curing agents usually have excellent properties such as rapid curing, low temperature curing, toughening, and flame retardancy.

The second is a low-toxic, non-toxic curing agent. At present, the industry not only pays attention to the problems of toxicity and environmental pollution during the production and use of the curing agent, but also pays attention to the long-term pollution of discarded epoxy resin products.

The third is a curing agent that can adapt to special environments. For example, a curing agent that maintains good and stable performance in harsh environments such as wet, underwater, and outdoor.

Fourth, curing agents with excellent electrical, mechanical and mechanical properties will be greatly developed.

Fifth, electron beam and light-curing products have attracted more and more attention.

Sixth, the special curing agent for powder coatings, water-based epoxy resin coatings and one-component adhesive curing agents have broad prospects.