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Solutions For Low VOCs In Transportation

Jun 05, 2020

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly green transportation is the theme of modern rail transportation. We uphold the concept of providing customers with high-quality polymer products and services through technological innovation. We have developed products that meet the requirements of environmental protection and health in the transportation field-benzene-free for transportation Ethylene low VOCs resin HS-510PTF.

This product has the same process characteristics, workability, curability and mechanical properties as styrenic unsaturated polyester resin. It also has low VOCs emissions, low odor, health and environmental protection. It not only meets the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, but also protects the health of the people.

HS-510PTF is also endowed with flame retardant properties. FRP products can pass UL94 (V0), DIN 5510-2 (S4/SR2/ST2, FED <0.10), TB/T 3138, EN45545-2 and other flame retardant standards, suitable For hand lay-up process.

In summary, the styrene-free resin has excellent comprehensive performance and excellent environmental friendliness, and has a wide range of applications, especially suitable for interior decoration in closed spaces, such as high-speed rail, subway, automobile, refrigerated truck, RV, etc.

In addition, styrene-free resin is a non-hazardous chemical, which has better safety, economy and convenience in storage and transportation.

The styrene-free resin is equivalent to the conventional styrene-type unsaturated resin in terms of construction technology, curing characteristics, mechanical properties, etc., and can be directly switched.