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Storage Temperature Of Curing Agent

Jul 28, 2020

Self-accelerating decomposition temperature of curing agent: Self-accelerating decomposition temperature is the lowest temperature at which automatic accelerated decomposition (out of control) occurs when a product is transported in a certain package. The transportation temperature is based on the automatic acceleration established by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods Depending on the decomposition temperature.

The maximum storage temperature of the curing agent: the maximum storage temperature is the maximum storage temperature we recommend, under which the product is stable and the product quality loss is minimal.

The minimum storage temperature of the curing agent: below this temperature, the product may be stratified, crystallized or solidified. To ensure product quality and for safety reasons, we recommend that the product storage temperature be above the minimum storage temperature.

Curing agent emergency temperature: The emergency temperature is derived from the self-accelerating decomposition temperature, and is the temperature at which emergency operating procedures must be performed.

Curing agent control temperature: The control temperature is also derived from self-acceleration and is the highest temperature for safe product transportation. If the self-accelerating decomposition temperature exceeds 50°C, there is no requirement to control the temperature. However, both emergency temperature and control temperature are related to product safety and quality. In order to ensure product quality, please follow the recommended storage temperature.