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Structural Characteristics Of Epoxy Resin Curing Agent

Jul 10, 2020

believes that Renmen has a certain understanding of epoxy resin curing agents. Epoxy resins are generally used as the matrix of materials such as adhesives, coatings and composite materials, and are widely used in construction, machinery, electronic and electrical, aerospace and other fields. A complete concept of epoxy resin composition consists of four components: epoxy resin, modified components, fluidity adjustment components, and other components. However, in actual application, it is not necessary to have the four components, but the resin component must include a curing agent, which shows the importance of the curing agent. Then let's take a closer look at Jinan Kangyu New Materials.

   Epoxy resin:

   Epoxy resin is the main body, bisphenol A type and other types of epoxy resin. The curing agent is a three-dimensional network polymer formed by reaction with epoxy resin.

  Modified ingredients:

   Plasticizer imparts workability, but heat resistance. Chemical resistance is reduced.

  Toughening agent improves impact resistance without reducing other properties.

  Filler can increase weight, improve curability, mechanical properties, such as calcium carbonate, mica, etc.

  Flame retardant has heat resistance, with filler flame retardant and reactive flame retardant.

  Adjusting liquidity components:

   Diluent can reduce the viscosity of the composition, divided into reactive diluent and non-reactive diluent.

  Thixotropic agent can impart thixotropy to the composition, such as asbestos, silicon powder, etc.

   Other ingredients:

   Pigments, solvents, defoamers, leveling agents, tackifiers, etc.

    The reason why epoxy resin can be widely used is the result of the variable combination of these ingredients. Especially the curing agent, once the epoxy resin is determined, the curing agent plays a decisive role in the processability of the epoxy resin composition and the final performance of the cured product.