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Suggestions On Choosing FRP In Engineering

Jun 30, 2020

FRP is widely used in engineering, but the corresponding product should be selected according to the specific requirements of the place of use:

1. If the medium is hydrofluoric acid, glass fiber reinforced plastic cannot be used, and polyester cloth should be used, because hydrofluoric acid has strong corrosiveness to glass fiber.

2. When conveying organic gas media, it is recommended to use PVC plus glass fiber reinforced plastics for the air pipe.

3. If the medium is a single medium of acid, alkali and organic matter, FRP should be selected according to the concentration and temperature of the treatment medium.

4. If the medium is high concentration sulfuric acid and any concentration of hydrochloric acid, it is best to use phenolic resin glass steel.

5. The plexiglass reinforced with bisphenol A epoxy resin and glass fiber cloth is both acid and alkali resistant.

6. For working cabinets that produce high-concentration multi-media gas, it is not advisable to use glass steel exhaust pipes, preferably PVC pipes or stainless steel pipes.

7. When the fire protection requirements are relatively high, the following three methods can be adopted:

a. Use non-combustible inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastics.

b. Organic glass fiber reinforced with unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber cloth prepared by using tetrabromophthalic anhydride; when the bromine in the resin is> 8%, it can self-extinguish, and when the bromine is> 12%, it is non-flammable.

c. Add flame retardant (Al2O3ยท3H2O or hexaphenyl anhydride, etc.) to improve the fire resistance of FRP. However, if too much flame retardant is added, it will affect the corrosion resistance of FRP. Therefore, a certain amount of flame retardant should be added according to the various requirements of the actual project (fire prevention and anticorrosion, etc.) when formulating.

8. The glass fiber reinforced plastic lighting ceiling must use the same refractive index resin and non-alkali cloth, and generally use clear and transparent 195 resin.

9. The glass fiber reinforced plastic products cured by gel coat resin on the surface have a smooth surface and good weather resistance.

10. Anti-static floor can be made of organic glass fiber reinforced by alkali-free cloth and high strength resin.