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Talk About The Price War Of Vinyl Ester Resin

Jun 10, 2020

Price wars are the tactics that Chinese companies are best at. No matter how high-tech products are, as long as they are mastered by the Chinese, they will soon be "Cabbageized". This is basically what has happened every day in any commercial corner of the world over the past 20 years.

In the field of composite materials, vinyl ester resin has always been regarded as a tall variety. For many years, it has been a niche market. A slap manufacturer entertains itself. No matter how the raw material market changes, its price will always be high. move. For most conventional unsaturated resin manufacturers, the technology and market of vinyl ester resins even have a mysterious color. However, this situation is being quickly broken.

Although as early as the middle of last year, the author predicted that the price war of vinyl ester resin will break out in 2016, and predicted that the market price may drop from 21 yuan/kg to 15 yuan/kg at that time, and this prediction was also used in the industry at that time. Jokes are circulating among friends. However, just a few days ago, when the high imitation version of 411# really appeared at a price of 15 yuan/kg, the author was still a little surprised. It seems that the market price of vinyl ester resin is beginning to collapse.

Talking about the price war, we must first review why vinyl ester resin has always been the tallest and most handsome in the past years. First of all, subject to the scale of the downstream application market, the application market of vinyl ester resin has been hovering around 30,000 tons for many years. Compared with the market capacity of 1 million tons of unsaturated polyester resin, the market of vinyl ester resin It seems pediatric. Therefore, resin factories with large production capacity are busy expanding their territory and have no time to take care of this niche product. Secondly, the production equipment and production process of vinyl ester resins are very different from conventional unsaturated polyester resins, especially varieties such as 411#/430#, which have higher technical control requirements for the production process, but slightly Be careful, the resin will solidify in the reaction kettle, therefore, the conventional resin manufacturers have some lingering fears and act with caution. Without absolutely significant benefits, it is generally not easy to go to this breed. Third, the threshold of the application market is higher. Vinyl ester resins are mainly used in anti-corrosion applications. There have been two problems in this field for a long time. One is that end users are relatively unfamiliar with the performance and application design of vinyl ester resins. The technical staff of the design institute are basically from traditional The metal structure design professional is quite unfamiliar with composite materials. Therefore, I am also very cautious about using composite materials in the field of anti-corrosion. At the same time, the same situation generally exists in glass fiber reinforced plastics manufacturers. They dare not easily change materials. This fear has become the biggest obstacle for the latecomers in the vinyl ester resin market to enter. For newly-entered vinyl ester resin manufacturers, the application case is often the most troublesome thing. No one has ever used it, no one dared to use it, even if the basic performance of your product is exactly the same as that of existing enterprises, or even better. As the saying goes, the ignorant are fearless, and in the vinyl ester resin market, for quite a few years, the ignorant are fearful and become the mainstream of the industry. Fourth, anti-corrosion engineering is a high-profit and high-risk area, and the cost of vinyl ester resin only accounts for a small part of the overall engineering cost, but it plays a vital role in the performance of the entire project. . Therefore, neither engineering designers nor glass fiber reinforced plastic manufacturers are willing to risk engineering quality problems in order to save hundreds of yuan of resin cost per ton. Therefore, the price war has long failed in this field.

From this, we can see that during the period from November 2008 to May 2009, although the material cost of vinyl ester resin dropped to about 9 yuan/kg, its market price remained high at 27 yuan-29. yuan. Vinyl ester resin has become a veritable noble product.

However, since entering 2013, the market is quietly changing. First, the rapid expansion of the downstream application market. Driven by national policies, the application market that focuses on environmental protection projects has experienced rapid growth, especially the rapid development of environmental protection treatment of power plant smoke emissions. Since 2013, the market demand for vinyl ester resins has appeared every year. With more than 30% growth, the rapidly growing demand has attracted more and more resin factories' attention in this field. Secondly, the popularization of vinyl ester resin production technology. With the acceleration of the technological transformation of conventional resin factories, the understanding of the production equipment and production process of vinyl ester resins has also developed to a new level. More and more conventional resin manufacturers have gradually mastered the vinyl ester resins. The production process and the threshold of large-scale production are being quickly broken through. In particular, the huge profit margin between vinyl ester resins and other conventional resins, and the waste-free discharge of the production process, there is almost no environmental pressure, which has caused conventional resin manufacturers to salivate this market, and generally began to accelerate penetration pace of. Third, the threshold of the application market began to decrease. After years of application and practice, the application of vinyl ester resins has been generally accepted in the downstream end market. The technical personnel of the design institute have also entered a new level of understanding of these products, and they are willing to try products from different manufacturers. The use of vinyl ester resins by manufacturers has also begun to break the original mystery, and the flexible nature of the Chinese people has gradually emerged. Here, we should particularly emphasize that the rapid expansion of the vinyl ester resin market, we should thank the original vinyl ester manufacturers for their unremitting efforts, from the basic research of materials, product technical standards and construction specifications to the application market. A lot of effort has been devoted to the structural design. They taught the downstream end market technicians how to use composite materials based on vinyl ester resins, and they also taught the FRP manufacturers how to use vinyl in the production of FRP products. Ester resin. However, we have to say that it is these designers and technicians of FRP manufacturers who understand the mysteries of vinyl ester resins. After mastering the application of vinyl ester resins, they began to boldly try to replace the original vinyl esters. Resin varieties and manufacturers. In this sense, Cheng He Xiao He defeated Xiao He, the large amount of work that the original vinyl ester resin manufacturers have done for so many years is not only a powerful weapon for them to occupy this market in the past, but also an important reason why they may lose this market in the future. But in any case, they have made indelible contributions to the application of composite materials in various anti-corrosion fields, to the widespread acceptance of vinyl ester resins, and to the rapid improvement of China's vinyl ester resin market capacity.

Beginning in mid-2015, with the collapse of international oil prices, the price of the chemical market plummeted, the market price of conventional unsaturated resins has also been lowering, and the profit temptation of vinyl ester resins has become greater. In this situation, various fairies began to join the competition in the vinyl ester resin market, running horse enclosures, recruiting horses, and expanding equipment. One battle was already on the line.

The famous American marketing expert Philip Kotler once famously said: "There is no loyalty that can't be offset by a price reduction." And the author predicted as early as three years ago that China's unsaturated resin market is going from the original high Low-end differentiation is moving towards high-end homogeneity. The changes in the molded resin market structure in 2015 have partially verified the author's original predictions, and the upcoming price war for vinyl ester resins may be another proof of the author's predictions.

In general, the price war of vinyl ester resin is of great benefit to the market promotion of this variety. In the past, the market capacity of vinyl ester resin was too small. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there is an important reason. The price is too expensive. Although the high price guarantees the interests of the original manufacturers, it also hinders the promotion and application of vinyl ester resins in many fields. As vinyl ester resins lay down the nobility, we believe in its application market. There should be a rapid expansion, which, although detrimental to the interests of small groups of the original enterprise, has brought huge benefits to the composite material industry in China. And we also believe that the interests of the original enterprises will also be compensated to a certain extent in the process of market expansion. Of course, compared with large-scale conventional unsaturated resin manufacturers, the original vinyl resin manufacturers do not have any advantages in the cost system, and the cost and profit calculation methods are also very different. Therefore, if it is pure In the price war, the original vinyl ester resin manufacturers do not have any advantage, they can only increase their profitable channels in new product development, application technology services and so on. As for conventional unsaturated resin companies, we hope that you can abide by business ethics and the bottom line of quality, and do not do anything that will damage the reputation of the industry. Compared with the original conventional unsaturated resin, we must clearly realize that the application market of vinyl ester resin is a very special field. Once a quality problem occurs, it is very likely to cause significant economic losses or even personal safety injuries. Projects can ruin yourself. Therefore, vinyl ester resin has no children's play, I hope everyone will keep in mind.