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Talking About How To Buy And Maintain Artificial Stone

Oct 10, 2018

The use of stone in the decoration can improve the grade of home decoration, so many owners are increasingly favoring the purchase of stone for home decoration, such as in the floor, cabinet counter, bathroom lavatory and other places. However, natural stone is expensive and unfavorable to the environment. Therefore, artificial stone is the best choice for owners. So, how do you buy and maintain artificial stone?

First, the purchase of artificial stone

1. Observe whether the style, color and tone of the artificial stone are uniform, whether the surface is flat, and whether it contains too much impurities. In addition, the back side of the artificial stone should not have small holes, otherwise the waterproofness is very poor.

2. Touch the stone and feel the texture. The hand touch is fine and smooth on the stone of good quality and will not be rough. If there is an uncomfortable feeling, it means that there is a problem with the quality of the stone.

3. Smell the taste. The pure artificial stone is of good quality and has no odor. The poor quality artificial stone adds a lot of adhesives, and the odor is very heavy and even suffocating.

4. Whether it is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Use a coin to scratch the surface of the stone, the quality of the stone is not scratched.

5. The same batch or two pieces of stone of the same quality are not easily broken in the state of mutual impact.

Second, the maintenance of artificial stone

1. Do not let things with high temperature be placed directly on the artificial stone countertop for a long time.

2. Artificial stone is not a cutting board. If it is used as a cutting board, it is not good for health.

3. The countertops of artificial stone should be kept as dry as possible.

4. It is strictly forbidden to let strong chemicals come into contact with artificial stone countertops.

5. If the surface of the artificial stone is stained or dirty, it can be washed with soapy water or detergent.

6. Remove the scale on the surface of the artificial stone. The scale should be removed with a damp cloth and then wiped clean with a dry cloth.

7. If there is a knife mark, if the surface finish requirement is matte, use 400-600 mesh sandpaper to polish until the knife mark disappears, and then use the cleaning agent and scouring pad to restore the original shape.