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Talking About The Future Application Scope Of FRP

Jun 20, 2020

Construction works

In addition to the traditional products, such as cooling towers, fans, water tanks, pipes, doors and windows, lighting tiles, decoration, etc., and the construction materials, the application of FRP finished products in the construction field has become a new concern for the construction and reinforcement and the application of FRP in bridges. .

Water disposal punishment project

Water treatment penalties are generally divided into pure water disposal penalties, circulating water disposal penalties and raw water wastewater disposal penalties. due to

The characteristics of FRP, such as high specific strength, excellent corrosion resistance and no rust, are widely used in water treatment and punishment projects. With the introduction of national environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction policies and law enforcement laws, the country will increase investment in this area, and there will be great hope for the application of FRP/composite materials in water treatment penalties.


There are about 18 million vile boats in the whole day. The total number of yachts registered and used in the United States has reached 12 million. At present, the annual output of various types of yachts in the following countries is about 900,000. With the improvement of the global economic situation, the migration of foreign-funded yacht companies to the mainland and the needs of China's high-income class, as well as the Hainan International Tourism Island and the coastal yacht area, the yacht method plans to set up equipment deployment. In the next few years, China's yacht industry will have a large Grow.


 Rail vehicles

From 2010 to 2015, the total length of the Metropolitan Rapid Rail Transit project planned to be equipped and deployed in my country will reach 1,700 kilometers. More than 500 billion yuan of investment will be gathered in this category.

The growth of the application of FRP in rail transportation from glass fiber reinforced plastic parts to the full glass steel head, box, etc. has shown a huge advantage and its wide application prospects in the field of rail transportation. In addition to applying existing skills and processes to develop production for rail vehicles, body parts and equipment deployment, and methods at home, we should deeply study the glass fiber reinforced plastic manufacturing skills with independent intellectual property rights and mass production products to promote high-speed rail transportation in China Miracle growth. At present, my country is in a prosperous period for the deployment of rail transit equipment and has become the world's largest metro rail market. As far as FRP is concerned, this is a promising application area. The industry should seize this opportunity to constantly open up new products and expand the application of FRP composite materials in the field of rail transit.


In 2009, my country's automobile production and sales reached 13 million. With the introduction of the National Revitalization Automobile Property Plan, it will accelerate the promotion of the total amount of FRP products used in automobiles. At the same time, the national energy-saving and emission-reduction policies and the growth of new energy electric vehicles, as well as the trend of lightweight vehicle materials, also provide more and more extensive market space for the application of FRP products in automobiles.

Kerosene Chemical

Kerosene chemical industry is one of the important application areas of FRP. In addition to traditional anti-corrosion projects, products such as FRP high-pressure pipelines, storage tanks, and towers continue to grow. The application of FRP in underground oil storage tanks (double-walled tanks) and marine kerosene projects has become a hot topic.

Environmental protection and renewable energy engineering

Circumstance protection and deployment of equipment for the installation of the new village are key projects that the country cares about and supports. It is also an application category that the FRP industry has paid attention to over the years.

The application of FRP composite materials in the power industry In addition to the deployment and methods of traditional power transmission and transformation equipment, FRP poles and composite cable cores have become one of the hot spots in the industry.

Over the past few years, with the increasingly urgent use of land for transmission corridors, the advantages of using composite materials for transmission towers have become increasingly prominent. By using the excellent performance of composite materials, it can not only overcome the defects of heavy transmission, perishability, corrosion or cracking, which are widely existing in traditional transmission towers, but also increase the insulation gap and insulation creep distance of the towers, improve the insulation of the lines, and further compress the transmission lines. Corridor width, low transmission line installation equipment deployment and operation and maintenance costs.

With the advancement and promotion of domestic FRP composite material forming process skills and product performance, and the reduction of manufacturing costs, the research and application conditions of FRP pole towers are already available, and many parts have carried out application research and have entered the line test stage