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The Amount Of Epoxy Phenolic Resin Catalyst Is The Catalytic Amount

Jun 13, 2020

       The invention provides a heat-resistant and anti-aging epoxy resin adhesive for construction, which is composed of two components of component A and component B, and epoxy phenolic resin component A is composed of epoxy resin polyurethane prepolymer and rosin series The resin is the raw material. In the presence of the curing catalyst and the solvent, the pre-polymerized component is formed by reaction. The component B is the curing agent and the solvent. The weight of each colloidal component is as follows:

In a more preferred embodiment, the composition B of the present invention further contains a silane coupling agent in an amount of 1-10 parts by weight relative to 100 parts by weight of the epoxy resin.

 The epoxy resin used in the present invention is preferably a compound having at least two epoxy groups in one molecule. Examples of such epoxy compounds include bisphenol F-type epoxy resins and bisphenol A-type epoxy resins, for example, commercial grade epoxy resins E-12, E-20, E21, E44, E-51, DER331, F44 and TDE-85. The epoxy resin E system commodity is preferable.

 The  polyurethane prepolymer is a polyether type polyether type polyurethane prepolymer or a polyester type polyurethane prepolymer, for example, preferably a polyester type prepolymer with -NC end groups, NCO/OH=2.5. The molecular weight (MW) of the polyurethane prepolymer can be selected from 2000 to 5000, preferably 2000 to 8000

Polyester prepolymer can be prepared by the following method: first remove a small amount of water contained in the oligomer polyol (polyether polyol or polyester polyol, etc.), and then under a nitrogen atmosphere, the low The polyhydric alcohol is added dropwise to a little excess polyisocyanate, and the heat generated by the reaction is removed in time to keep the reaction temperature within a certain limit. Sometimes according to the needs of the reaction, an appropriate solvent can be added to adjust the viscosity of the system and the amount of catalyst added To control the speed of the prepolymerization reaction.

The market is available for pre-polymerization of polyurethanes of various specifications. The polyurethane prepolymer selected in the present invention can be directly purchased from the market as needed.

With respect to 100 parts by weight of epoxy resin, 10-30 parts by weight of polyamino acid prepolymer is used, preferably 15-25 parts by weight.

When the polyurethane prepolymer is mixed with the curing agent, under the action of the curing agent, it can further react to form a polymer network polymer.

The rosin-based resin is, for example, resin rosin, tall oil rosin, wood rosin, etc., and may also be a rosin modified, hydrogenated, or disproportionated to the rosin-based resin, and an epoxy phenolic resin such as modified rosin, hydrogenated rosin, or disproportionated rosin. Examples include 138# rosin resin, penselAD, SuperEsterT-125, etc.

The curing agent is selected from polyamines, especially fatty amines and aromatic amines, such as diethylenetriamine, triethylenetetramine, ethylenediamine, m-phenylenediamine, etc. One or more of the curing agents can be selected as the curing agent. Based on 100 parts by weight of epoxy resin, the amount of curing agent is 1-100 parts, preferably 2-25 parts. Less than 1 part cannot achieve good curing, while more than 100 parts is usually not needed. The curing catalyst is selected from organic tin and organic acid tin catalysts, preferably, dibutyltin dibenzoate and tin octoate. The amount of the catalyst is a catalytic amount, for example, 0.1-1 part, preferably 0.1-0.5 part, relative to 100 parts by weight of the epoxy resin.

Solvent The organic solvent selected is, for example, one or more selected from ethanol, methanol, toluene, acetone, cyclo ethyl ketone, and ethyl acetate. The amount of solvent is not critical, as long as it can dissolve the combination of the present invention. During the preparation, it can be added as needed, for example, 100 parts by weight of epoxy resin, 100 parts by weight of solvent can be added, less solvent is added, for example, 10-50 parts of solvent is added, and it is formulated into a high solid content or low solvent double Component glue.

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