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The Application And Link Requirements Of Epoxy Resin Top Coat Are The Same As The Primer

Jun 16, 2020

  Detailed glass flake cement has good properties of absorbing ultraviolet rays. If glass flakes are used in the flat superimposed distribution of the coating, it will be used in FRP molding, which will greatly improve the permeability resistance of FRP. The filler in the flakes is present in graphite, mica and other minerals. The bond of the short chemical bond of the crystal is easy to break. After mechanical crushing, the vinyl glass flake mastic can be unaffected by the chemical medium or high-temperature corrosive gas. . Even if it encounters a sudden temperature change, it is not subject to any Sun Hua, and this paint is very resistant to use. It is tested according to the design thickness requirements, measuring 3 points per square meter to meet the design thickness of the lining. When the thickness does not meet the requirements, apply a layer of scale cement to meet the design thickness requirements and pass the thickness test. The scale lining of the flue is 2mm thick. 3. EDM detection: the anti-corrosion layer is detected by the EDM detector, and when it is found, it needs to be repaired until it passes the EDM test. 4. Surface treatment (finished by polishing, that is, the unqualified part is polished to the bottom) scales Glue smear detection. The voltage for EDM detection is 7000V. (The detection voltage increases by 3000V for every additional 1mm) 5. When all the anti-corrosion layers of glass phosphor flakes are qualified, apply a layer of paint on the surface of the inner liner. The topcoat application and link requirements are the same as the primer. Add the curing agent and accelerator to the topcoat according to the corresponding proportion of the on-site ambient temperature and mix well before use (note: accelerator and curing agent are strictly prohibited to be added at the same time. {paragraph

  The amount of wear in a long time is relatively small. The construction is relatively simple, and even if it is damaged, it is relatively easy to repair. Scope of construction: It is often used during storage, or during the construction of oil tankers and railway bridges. Marine buildings or steel structures are often used as anti-corrosion coatings. This material is often used in the lining of pipeline desulfurization. After the long bond is broken, the product can be used for desulfurization, the inner wall of the chimney, pasted ceramic sheets, ceramic foam glass bricks, acid-resistant bricks, cement chimneys, steel chimneys, various storage tanks, sewage tanks, large diameter circulation Water pipes can be made of acid and heat resistant glass phosphor flake adhesives, directly embedded in the cement or steel surface, with strong adhesion, tough coating, and long anti-corrosion life. Composition It is composed of modified epoxy resin, vinyl ester resin, glass flake, initiator, accelerator, pigment and auxiliary agent. The main characteristics of the flat scales are overlapping and parallel arranged in the resin like a block of tiles, which is like a layer of armor, forming a dense impermeable paint film, which is excellent for water, acid, alkali, some solvents and other special chemical media. Impermeability; can form regularly arranged crystal scale fillers.

  The anti-corrosion lining adhesion performance and anti-corrosion performance have been greatly improved; 2Using high-performance production technology to produce glass flakes, it can effectively prevent water vapor penetration. How many degrees of high-temperature glass flake mastic bears high temperature glass flake mastic has excellent anti-corrosion performance, good resistance to penetration, a wide range of use, lining of steel structures and concrete buildings in power generation, fertilizer, smelting and other industries; as the outer surface The protection has good application in the design, pipeline and storage tank of liquid medium with corrosion strength below medium. 3 Adding special flame retardant, compared with conventional glass flakes, the mechanical properties and heat resistance of glass flakes are inconvenient, but the oxygen index is obvious, no matter during the construction process or in the future maintenance and renovation can prevent fire hazards. At the same time, the product can be well bonded with a variety of substrates, and it is also easy to repair locally. The base ester glass flake mastic should be used as a middle coat or top coat, and be combined with the corresponding epoxy primer to form a composite anti-corrosion layer. Yuncheng vinyl resin glass flakes home-environmental protection, so the layer is easy to crack and fall off in the case of thermal shock, and the glass flakes can be used as a thermal layer, so it can avoid the cracking and peeling of the substrate. The coating direction of the coating should be *, and the coating direction between the two layers should be vertical. The coating should be uniform. It is strictly forbidden to miss the coating, no sag, air bubbles, pinholes, debris (bristles, sand, etc.), and there are no other defects. . 3. Apply a layer of chopped felt to the uneven surface of the surface and the corners of the structure. Apply a layer of paint with a roller brush and add a layer of glass felt. After soaking, use a roller brush impregnated with paint to remove air bubbles. We produce high temperature resistant glass flake mastic desulfurization tower anticorrosion one, product overview high temperature glass flake mastic is based on phenolic epoxy-based ester as a film-forming substance, adding modified corrosion-resistant fillers, glass flakes, additives and initiators, accelerators, etc. A, B, C and three-component heavy-duty anti-corrosion cement made by grinding and dispersing specially. Second, product features: 1, has excellent anti-corrosion performance, anti-permeability performance, excellent corrosion resistance to corrosive sewage, strong alkali, salt, etc.; it is strictly forbidden to miss coating, no sag, air bubbles, needle holes, miscellaneous Objects (brushes, sand, etc.) are also strictly forbidden to have other defects. 4) Apply a layer of chopped felt to the uneven surface of the surface and the corners of the structure. Apply a layer of paint with a roller brush and add a layer of glass felt. After soaking, use a roller brush impregnated with paint to remove air bubbles. High-temperature-based glass flake cement Quality glass flake cement may not be very common in daily life, but in fact it is a relatively common building material, we can usually be at many suppliers' construction sites or paint production workers, Seeing these materials, overall, it is the main one. The food we usually eat has preservatives in it, which means to avoid the rapid rot of this food, and the same is true for buildings. Although these are all reinforced concrete buildings, they are inevitably exposed to the sun and wind every day. Corrosive substances, so after applying this coating, it will delay the corrosion of the building.