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The Characteristics And Application Of Vinyl Resin

Jun 12, 2020

Features of vinyl resin: phenolic epoxy vinyl ester resin; flexible vinyl ester resin; PU modified epoxy vinyl ester resin. The above are the characteristics of vinyl resin.

Can be used: Vinyl resin (Vinyl Ester Resins) is an internationally recognized highly corrosion-resistant resin. The phenolic epoxy resin is introduced into the skeleton of the vinyl ester resin, and the synthesized vinyl ester resin is generally called Novolac vinyl ester resin. The resin has high thermal stability. After the resin is cured, the crosslink density is large. Its thermal deformation temperature reaches 120-135°C, which can extend the service life and has excellent corrosion resistance, especially for chlorine-containing solutions or organic solvents. In order to meet the needs of high temperature strength, many manufacturers have modified phenolic epoxy vinyl ester resin to improve the resin's crosslink density and heat resistance, and have excellent acid resistance, solvent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance , Suitable for all kinds of high temperature and strong corrosion, such as desulfurization device (FGD), high temperature chimney, etc.