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The Difference Between Color Gel Coat And Mold Gel Coat

Jul 01, 2020

Color gel coat is actually unsaturated polyester resin. Its production process is mainly batch production. The high temperature reaction occurs under the protection of color gel coat inert gas, and the resulting polymer The ester is placed in a kettle containing a diluent and a polymerization inhibitor and mixed at a certain temperature to obtain a viscous liquid unsaturated polyester resin. Of course, the production of gel coat used on FRP also has specific process requirements.

        The mold gel coat resin is a surface coating that gives the composite a beautiful surface, which is resistant to chemical attack, scratches and aging, etc. Therefore, it is critical to select high-quality mold gel coat resin and correct application process. Since Cobb's gel coat resin makes products with high gloss, good weather resistance and abrasion resistance and other different properties and excellent manufacturability, it naturally becomes the preferred gel coat for many FRP manufacturers. Futian color gel coat resin formulation uses special unsaturated resin as the matrix. The use of high-quality imported color paste and imported anti-aging, easy to defoam, high thixotropic additives. Therefore, the gel coat exhibits high surface gloss, high surface hardness, high strength and resistance.

         Color gel coat should pay attention to the following issues:

        The degree of deflocculation of the pigment particles by the color gel coat determines the size and stability of the color paste dispersion. Generally speaking, it is impossible to achieve complete deflocculation. It is only uniformly distributed in the system in the form of agglomerates of pigment particles. A good color paste has a relatively high degree of deflocculation, that is, the agglomerates are as small as possible, so as to ensure good coloring power, excellent color development and storage stability. Due to the poor dispersion of the color paste, the difference in mobility between the pigment flocs in the color gel coat and the white pigments and filler particles in the base material is more easily reflected. Due to the slight difference in temperature, density and surface tension inside the paint film, the pigment floc and the paint base naturally participate in this movement, and the pigment floc separates, resulting in floating color and flowering. If the dispersion of the color paste is good, the occurrence of floating color and flowering can be avoided. The dispersibility of the color gel coat is good, if it is not the same, it will directly affect the product.