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The Difference Between Resin Luminous Characters And Unsaturated Luminous Characters!

Jun 12, 2020

The production cost of epoxy resin is higher than that of unsaturated resin. So if you want low cost, then choose unsaturated resin, if you want quality and operation and effect then choose epoxy resin.

1 resin luminous word glue


The transparency of the resin luminous glue is particularly high. The two components A and B can be as transparent as water. If the epoxy resin you buy has yellowing or browning, please do not use it. It is an unqualified product. It is made of low-cost raw materials. Has poor antioxidant capacity.

The ratio of epoxy resin is certain to be not added or less. If the ratio is not correct, it may affect the curing effect. After the epoxy resin is cured, it has other materials besides the weak bond with polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene materials. For better adhesion, epoxy resin is also called universal glue. Some customers react that the epoxy resin is separated from the word frame after curing. In fact, the reason for the separation is not that the epoxy resin is not firmly bonded, but that the whole body of the luminous character is often coated with reflective paint on the inside of the iron sheet. The epoxy resin did not touch the iron skin at all, but the reflective paint that touched. In this way, there will be cracks when the iron sheet shrinks, and the adhesion between the reflective paint and the iron sheet will not work! Therefore, the products to be made according to the production requirements of customers have a certain willfulness so that thermal expansion and contraction will not separate.

2 unsaturated resin luminous word glue


Unsaturated resin is composed of three components. It has an irritating smell. The transparency is too poor to make white letters. It will be poisoned by prolonged operation, dizziness, and nausea.

Companies that make unsaturated resins must ventilate the workshop. The unsaturated resins are very brittle after curing, and must be handled lightly, which is very troublesome to install. Cracking without notice, the general life expectancy will not exceed one year. Doing a good job is a bit tough, and it can be delivered, and the bad ones are sticky and uncured. The amount of accelerator added also affects the quality of the product, which is too troublesome. But the low price is easy to accept